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Another user-friendly and safe platform for downloading emulators and ROM is Cool ROM. You can easily find out the required file within seconds. We are Go Now sure that this site will not leave you disappointed which earns it a permanent place on our list of Best Rom Sites in 2022. There are some advanced features you could only find on paid versions that are offered by this emulator. For instance, it comes with a support for a link cable emulation, cheat codes, and quick save mode.

CD Romance is pretty responsive – click on the game you want to download and you’re good to go. Although the site sure has a cool interface, one needs to register an account in order to access their archive of retro and classic games and emulators but that will only take a minute or two. You won’t even notice that you’ve already created one because of the amazement you feel as you explore their site. An addition to our list of safe ROM sites is the Sony ISOs and what I love with their site is their unpretentious homepage where you can pick your desired ISOs and consoles with just a click. An addition to our list of safe and working sites where you can download your favorite ROMs is CoolRom.

These packs likely contain more files than you need, but they will work in a pinch. Once the app list is complete, you can scroll through your games to see if they all match the ROMs you added. If there is a section of games missing , it’s likely you either put the ROMs in the wrong place, or used a file type that isn’t compatible with EmuDeck (refer to this sheet to double-check).

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It allows you to get the latest game ROMs in just a matter of a few seconds. When such a thing happens, You may have to change a few settings inside the emulator itself. Better visit some relevant forums where you can know more about the possible solution for your issue. Most ROMs which you will download will come in the form of a compressed package with a .zip extension.

  • Furthermore, when and if you do sign up, you’ll get 10k points instantly to your account, and whenever you install something, the deal is done with these points being reduced.
  • You will need to locate the area will your save file contents, most of the time it’s near the end.
  • But now, I can get pretty far on thoses without this system .
  • The trailers of the Sonic CD re-release mentioned something like “see how the Sonic 4 saga began”.

Like so, it features a selection of games for modern consoles like the Wii U, the Game Cube, the Nintendo 64, the Super Nintendo, the PlayStation, and the PlayStation 2. Retrosic allows you to download ROM games for almost any retro console, from the Atari to the Commodore 63. Plus, it has all of the significant emulators for all of the major platforms.

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However, a straight uninterrupted bridge lies directly in front of you, and you may walk forward without fear. Cross to the other side of the room, and pass through the door to face your destiny. With no reliable way to access any of the skulls in the outlying regions of the room, their purpose may not be clear. Like many of the rooms in this palace, this room exploits a change that has been made to the system of the game from the SNES version to the GBA version. In this version of the game, arrows can be used to destroy skulls.


Sizes mentioned are compressed On a PC use shortcut CTRLF to search for games. The title screen has been slightly altered where the Master Sword is now blue in color, as opposed to purple in the original game. The background also takes up more of the screen and a „PRESS START“ prompt now appears under the game’s name. If you’re using an emulator and still can’t figure out how to setup these codes, you’re in luck! There’s two common emulators for GBA games, the mGBA and VisualBoy Advance. Follow the link provided for the emulator you’re using to be taken to a guide explaining how to get these codes working.

The mGBA emulator is available on multiple platforms. Last on our list is CD Romance, a safe ROM site where you can access and download retro games and ISOs for free. If you don’t feel safe downloading emulators and ROMs, you can opt to play online with others as the website offers that kind of feature. You just have to click on Play Online button on the navigation bar and everything will be set up for you. It is a good and safe website where you can download your favorite retro games without the trouble of aggressive pop-up ads. Furthermore, with its very powerful search engine as its vanguard, you can explore its massive collection of ROM games and emulators to your heart’s content.

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